Professor Peter Atkins of Lincoln College, Oxford, for the generosity of his time and inspiration.

Professor Bernard Moxham, Director of Teaching, Cardiff School of BioSciences, for his belief, enthousiasm and curatorial skill in hosting the 'Patterns of Signifcance' exhibition at Cardiff.

Professor Tim Elliott of Cancer Sciences Division, School of Medicine, Southampton University, for his patience in helping me understand a little about the form and function of the immune system.

Dr. Joern Werner of the School of Biological Sciences, Southampton University, for taking me on a whirlwind tour of his interests in experimental structural biology.

Dr. Lesley Smythies of the Mucosal HIV and Immunology Center, UAB, Birmingham Alabama, for her enthusiastic and patient sharing of her research interests.

Professor Seth Bullock for his many discussions and much support, and for arranging my participation in seminars with PhD students and the Exhibition of my work at the Doctoral Training Centre at the Institute for Complex System Simulations, Southampton University.

Dr. Jason Noble for discussing real life applications of Complexity Science with me.

Professor Graeme Cumming at the Fitzpatrick Institute, University of Cape Town, for discussing his work on the effect of Game Reserves on local ecology.