I trained originally as a physicist at Imperial College in London, and worked for some years as a research scientist before doing a spell in industry. My research interests were biological however, centred on trying to understand how and why molecules cross the outer surfaces of cells. Biology has flourished since those days, but I have always kept a keen interest in the amazing discoveries surrounding cells, genes and proteins. It is these astonishing stories that I draw upon in my most recent work.
All my life I have loved to draw, but a serious interest in art began when I was a student. The physics department at Imperial College is across the street from the Royal College of Art and a stones throw from the V&A. Imperial was an all science and engineering college and so this juxtaposition was a very lucky one indeed. During my undergraduate years we were treated to wonderful lunchtime art history lectures, after which we had all of the galleries and museums of London in which to explore and consolidate what we had learned.
At various stages in my life I have attended courses in drawing, painting and art history, most notably at Winchester School of Art, the Tower arts Centre in Winchester, and at the Juno Studio in Braishfield, in Hampshire. I have been a full time painter and exhibitor for the last fifteen years.

Recent Activities

A department wide exhibition of work at the BioSciences department, Cardiff University, curated by Prof. Bernard Moxham.
Participation in a Gordon Research Conference on Visualisation in Science and Education, at Oxford University.
Collaboration with Professor Tim Elliott at Southampton University Cancer Research Unit, to produce work relating to the immune system.